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Oh. Greetings. I see you've found my little Tumblr page. You may call me Rae.
Well... this blog isn't really for one specific thing. It's just a place where I post/reblog anything I might like. There should be mostly anime/manga, (like Nabari, Natsume Yuujinchou, Shingeki no Kyojin, etc) J-rock, (Alice Nine, GazettE, Miyavi, Vistlip, etc) music, fashion, and some random funny crap.

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Ruki: in the middle of PV editing LAST HEAVEN

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Get this t-shirt on my shop click here you’re welcome!

Keep sharing, thank you!

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We’ve been working hard at this three-legged race of ours, and we’ve resolved to leave PS COMPANY after our 10th anniversary live at FujiQ Conifer Forest on August 23rd.

Rather than a termination of our contract, it was something we had all discussed over a long period of time, weighing all out options, and this came as a valid answer.

We’ve made it these ten years; and undeniably we had our struggles with the company’s president and staff. The choice to leave was not a simple one. We as a band wanted to get back to basics in the truest sense, to what Alice Nine really is.
There is no security as a band; we chose to walk this difficult road.
And with our ten year milestone coming up, that became the drive we needed to do this.

Whenever you want to start something new, there will always be pain and struggles associated with it. But because of those you want to do your best to try and overcome it.

However, with us not being able to make appearances for the time being, I had to say something now.

How long that ‘for the time being’ is going to be is something I can’t answer, but I can say it can be just for the not-too-far-off future.
We are not disbanding.
I just wanted to give a simple answer before we step out on our own.

As for our 10-year live on August 23rd, I feel we’re gonna go all out.

I know you’ll all be worried for various reasons, but please wait for Alice Nine. We’ll give a powerful performance to remember.

Original link: http://s.ameblo.jp/alice-saga/entry-11911922058.html

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Kai … [Mtv 81]


Kai … [Mtv 81]

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